Jung Sung Il and Kim Hye Soo to team up for a new series titled “Trigger”

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Kim Hye Soo’s next partner in a K-drama will potentially be “The Glory” star Jung Sung Il. 

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Media sources revealed on November 7 that Jung Sung Il has been picked to be the co-star of Kim Hye Soo in the upcoming comedy investigation drama titled “Trigger.” 

The new comedy investigation series “Trigger” will follow the story of investigative journalists who will team up to unveil the truth about the mysterious happenings in Korea’s first Investigative Journalism Bureau of a communication company.

Kim Hye Soo first got the offer to lead the upcoming K-drama. She is expected to star as the team leader of the Investigative Journalism Bureau. 

Meanwhile, Jung Sung Il may portray the character of a PD known for being independent and self-centered. He is also known for always dealing with each circumstance seriously. 

Jung Sung Il and Kim Hye Soo will be guided by director Yoo Sun Dong who is known for helming the hit K-drama ‘The Uncanny Counter.”

Although the potential main characters of the drama have been revealed, the broadcast channel and airing date of “Trigger” is not yet announced. 

Aside from “Trigger,” Jung Sung Il is also offered to lead the upcoming new thriller drama “Guardians.” He is also expected to work alongside Hallyu stars Lee Min Ho, Ahn Hyo Seop, BLACKPINK’s Kim Ji Soo, After School’s Nana, Chae Soo Bin, and Shin Seung Ho in the upcoming film “Omniscient Reader.” Jung Sung Il will also be part of the new films Interview and War and Revolt. 

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Meanwhile, “Trigger” will be the next K-drama project of Kim Hye Soo after 2022’s series “Under the Queen's Umbrella.” This year, the actress focused on being part of the hit movie “Smugglers” with Yeom Jung Ah, Jo In Sung, Park Jung Min, and more. 

Kim Hye Soo also recently announced that she will officially step down as the main MC of the Blue Dragon Film Awards after 30 years. This year’s ceremony will be the last time that Kim Hye Soo will be the host. 

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  • Magdalena Tan

    Can’t wait to watch the Queen of Hyena /Signal/Juvenile Justice/Thieves/Smugglers etc.
    Kim Hye Soo you’re the best

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