EXO’s Chen confirmed to hold his belated ceremony this year

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Exo Chen© SM Entertainment

We got another surprising news from EXO member Chen.  

On August 16, various media outlets reported that the main vocalist of EXO, Chen, and her non-showbiz wife will belatedly hold their wedding ceremony this coming October.

Chen’s agency SM Entertainment confirmed the reports and shared that Chen will be having his belated wedding ceremony in October. They also revealed the reason for the delay of his wedding ceremony. It was due to circumstances such as military service and childbirth.

In 2020, Chen shocked the nation with his marriage announcement. Aside from the fact that he is getting married, many were shocked when Chen revealed that his fiancé is bearing his child.

Exo Chen Marriage Letter

© SM Entertainment

Chen married in January 2020, and his first child was born in April of the same year. Chen was the very first EXO member to get married. Although the wedding was not an issue for some K-Pop group fans, it became a big deal to some EXO-Ls, the fandom of EXO.

The issue made the fandom divided. Some EXO-Ls felt betrayed by the sudden marriage announcement of Chen. They protested that Chen withdraws from the group to refrain from damaging the name of EXO even more. Some fans were also vocal about their support for Chen. Netizens were also not happy with the sudden news of Chen’s wedding. The internet people criticized him and called him several insulting names.

In 2022, while Chen was still serving in the military, Chen shocked everyone once again with the announcement that he and his wife will be welcoming their second child.

Despite the criticism from the public and some of his fans, Chen officially returned to promotions in June 2022. Since then, he has been active both in individual and group activities.

Exo Chen Marriage© SM Entertainment

Meanwhile, Chen will release his first-ever solo album in Japan. The title of his album is “Polaris,” and it will be out on August 17. He will also embark on his solo Japanese tour on the 19th of the same month.  

After three years, do you support the EXO-Ls who want him out? Or you’re one of the supporters of Chen’s private life?

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  • Sukay

    I send him and his family my blessings and that he continues as a member of EXO. Marriage isn’t a reason to change anything. Good luck to him!

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