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WOW Cheese Chip

The authentic taste of cheese preserved through low-temperature cooking, with a crispy texture. Contains 11.9% protein, a high-protein snack.

 Allergen Information:  wheat, milk, soybean

Orion Peanut Gangjeong

This is a traditional Korean snack made with care, featuring deliciously mixed savory peanuts and crunchy grains. It contains 30% peanuts for a full nutty flavor, and uses high oleic peanuts which are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids

Allergen Information:  wheat, milk, soybean, pork

Home Run Ball Custard Cream

The custard cream makes it smoother, and it melts in your mouth as soon as you eat it. It's so delicious with milk that you'll finish it off right on the spot

Allergen Information:  wheat, milk, egg, soybean, beef

Pepero Choco-filled

Loaded with chocolate all the way to the end!

Allergen Information:  wheat, egg, milk, soybean

Baked Corn Almond

Crunchy, salty-sweet almonds flavored with the taste of roasted corn kernels.

Allergen Information:  wheat, milk, soybean, beef


Crunchy! Sweet Crunky chocolate in collaboration with BTS.

Allergen Information:  wheat, milk, soybean

Kiwi Almang

The bursting freshness of kiwi. Orion's Kiwi Almang brings the zesty burst of freshness. Eating a kiwi, you're charmed by its soft flesh and the occasional bite of its seeds. Kiwi Almang aims to replicate this experience by embedding black chia seeds in chewy kiwi-flavored jelly. As you chew the jelly, the chia seeds pop, giving you the fun and flavor of eating a real kiwi.

Allergen Information:   milk, pork


The balanced sweetness of chocolate, biscuit, and marshmallow. The chewy and fluffy marshmallow contains 0% fat!

Allergen Information:  wheat, egg, milk, soybean, beef, pork

Market O - Brownie

A texture like freshly baked crust, chewy on the edges. Richer and deeper cocoa flavor. Enjoy café-style dessert anytime, anywhere, with ease.

Allergen Information:  wheat, milk, egg, soybean

Saecom Dalcom - Grape Flavor

Chewy like caramel. Chewing candy with a harmonious blend of sourness and sweetness, named Sour and Sweet.

Allergen Information:  pork

Buldak Bokkeummyeon

The icon of K-Spicy with its irresistibly addictive strong spicy flavor.

Please watch: how to prepare Buldak Cup noodles

Allergen Information:  wheat, milk, egg, soybean, chicken, beef

Plum Juice

A refreshing fruit and vegetable beverage containing dietary fiber and vitamins.

Allergen Information:  nil.

Tartary Buckwheat Teat

Buckwheat tea made from Tartary buckwheat grown in high mountain areas above 2,000 meters elevation is rich in rutin compared to regular buckwheat and is an infusion tea with a unique, savory taste and aroma

Allergen Information:  buckwheat

Grape Candy

Korean Red Ginseng Candy


Note: We send one of the above at random.

[How to use]

  1. After washing your face, use toner to cleanse your skin.

  2. Take out the mask sheet and apply it evenly to fit your face.

  3. After about 10 to 20 minutes, remove the sheet and lightly tap the remaining essence on the skin to absorb it.

BT21 Pen

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