YG Entertainment confirms the official lineup of their newest girl group BABYMONSTER

YG Entertainment will finally debut their newest girl group BABYMONSTER before this month ends. 

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In May of this year, the seven members have been chosen by YG Entertainment to debut. The girl group was originally supposed to debut with only five members but eventually, YG Entertainment decided and announced that Ahyeon, Haram, Rora, Pharita, Chiquita, Ruka, and Asa would be the members of BABYMONSTER.

Unlike what was originally planned, BABYMONSTER will be debuting with six members such as Haram, Rora, Pharita, Chiquita, Ruka, and Asa. Ahyeon who was supposed to be part of the debut lineup will not participate in BABYMONSTER’s much-anticipated debut. 

YG Entertainment shared their official statement on November 15 to clarify some details of BABYMONSTER’s debut. 

The agency revealed that Ahyeon will officially not join the debut of the other six members of BABYMONSTER. The reason is that they have decided that Ahyeon should prioritize her health first. She will not participate in the debut because of health reasons. 

In the previous reports, YG Entertainment shared that the reason why Ahyeon will not debut for now is because of personal reasons. They also clarified that Ahyeon may join BABYMONSTER and have a late debut with them. 

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BABYMONSTER will be the first girl group that YG Entertainment will launch after almost seven years since they introduced BLACKPINK. Unlike their other K-Pop groups, BABYMONSTER will consist of multiple members from one country. Haram and Rora are from South Korea, Pharita and Chiquita are from Thailand just like Lisa, and Ruka and Asa are from Japan. 

The newest YG Entertainment girl group was supposed to make their debut in September but the agency announced that it will be delayed by two months to focus on selecting their official debut song. 

BABYMONSTER is set to greet the K-pop scene and debut on November 27 at 12:00 AM KST. 

Good luck with your debut, BABYMONSTER and we wish for good health to Ahyeon!

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