What will happen to Red Velvet if leader Irene doesn't renew her contract?

These past few days, rumors of Red Velvet’s Irene not renewing her contract with SM Entertainment are circulating.

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Media outlet Star News Korea also shared a report that Irene will most likely not renew her contract with SM Entertainment. According to their report, Red Velvet hasn’t had any group activities since June of this year. The group also has not released any album since December 2022.

It was also reported that SM Entertainment only announced Seulgi renewing her contract because other Red Velvet members have different contract expiration dates. It is a rule that an artist can only meet and find other agencies three months before their contract with their current agency expires.

Up until today, SM Entertainment has kept silent regarding the contracts of other members such as Irene, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri. Aside from the report given by media outlet Star News Korea, there were also rumors that with Irene’s departure from the agency, Red Velvet will no longer be actively promoting.

There were also talks that the group was disbanding. Although the rumors are alarming, fans are leaning towards not believing them disbanding because SM Entertainment is famous for not disbanding any of the groups they have created.

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Meanwhile last month, all members of Red Velvet held a live broadcast celebrating their 9th anniversary as a group. In the live stream, the girls even hinted that they were working on their third full album. Fans are worried if this will still push through following the numerous reports of the members’ contract expiration.

This September, all five members of Red Velvet will be joining other SM Entertainment artists on the “SMTOWN LIVE 2023 SMCU PALACE at Jakarta. If the rumors are true, this will possibly be the last activity of all Red Velvet members under one agency, SM Entertainment.

What do you think will happen to Red Velvet if one member does not renew with SM Entertainment?

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