V is the next BTS member to release a solo album!

BTS Kim Taehyung V

BTS Kim Taehyung, popularly known as V, will finally make his solo debut ten years after he started in the industry.

On the 8th of August, Big Hit Music, home to BTS, dropped the news that V will be releasing his first-ever solo titled “Layover” this coming September 8 PM at 1 PM KST.

The agency also announced details about the upcoming album. ARMYs, fans of BTS and member V, can start pre-ordering the “Layover” album beginning on August 8, 2023, at 11 AM KST.

The “Layover” album will have a total of six tracks. Five tracks from the album will have a music video each, and there will also be a piano version of one of the songs as a bonus track.

BTS V Layover

Songs that will be part of the album are titled “Rainy Days,” “Blue,” “Love Me Again,” “Slow Dancing,” and “For Us.” The title track of the “Layover” album will be “Slow Dancing,” and it will have a piano version in the album.   

Big Hit Music recommends that fans will listen to the album from beginning to end to have an in-depth understanding of each song included.

Earlier this month, reports confirmed that V would collaborate with Min Hee Jin, the CEO of New Jeans’ agency ADOR, for his solo debut album. The CEO will be working with V in the overall production of his debut, from music, dance, promotions, performances, and more.  

Min Hee Jin is known for being hands-on with all the releases of New Jeans. She is also known for being part of the creative behind the SM Entertainment groups Girls' Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO, and Red Velvet.

It will be the first official solo debut of V since 2013. In the past, V has released various solo tracks from BTS albums and K-drama official soundtracks. Some of his hits were “Christmas Tree,” “Singularity,” “Sweet Night,” “Stigma,” “Inner Child,” and more.

Are you excited to witness the solo release of BTS member V?

BTS V Layover Album

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