Upcoming K-drama "S Line" confirmed to have ethereal visuals Lee Soo Hyuk, Lee Da Hee, and Oh My Girl Arin as leads"

There will be a visual overload in the upcoming K-drama “S Line.”

On September 4, Sidus, the producer of the upcoming K-drama “S Line,” officially confirmed that Lee Soo Hyuk, Lee Da Hee, and Oh My Girl’s Arin will be the main leads of the fantasy series.

In the past weeks, Lee Soo Hyuk and Oh My Girl’s Arin were reportedly reviewing the offer to lead the series. Today, the cast lineup was officially confirmed, and Lee Da Hee was also added.

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“S Line” will be one of the webtoon-based K-dramas that will be produced in 2024. According to reports, the upcoming series will kick off its production this year.

The upcoming K-drama will adapt its story from the webtoon of the same name created by a famous cartoonist named Little Bee. The cartoonist is known for receiving awards from the Korea Content Awards Cartoon Award, today's Korean Cartoon Award, and the Reader's Cartoon Award.

“S Line” will showcase the happenings when a red line better known as the S Line, appears above the head, connects the people with intimate relationships, and reveals their private information. The S Line is only visible to the eyes. No one can touch the line.

Lee Soo Hyuk who has starred in various fantasy K-dramas, will give life to another character named Han Ji Wook. He is a dashing and free-spirited detective. He aims to find the truth about the “S Line.”

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Lee Da Hee will showcase a new side of her by portraying the role of Gyu Jin, a high school teacher with unique charm.

Oh My Girl’s Arin will take on a new challenge and will portray as a high school student named Hyun Heup. Since birth, she can already see the S Line.

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There is no official confirmation yet if “S Line” will premiere through a broadcast channel or an OTT platform.

What are your thoughts on the confirmed main cast of the upcoming series “S Line”?


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