Upcoming 2023 K-dramas based on popular webtoons

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Korean dramas adapted to popular webtoons are stable in the industry. It’s been there for several years, and today, it is embraced by local viewers and international audiences.

Webtoons' distinctive storytelling abilities naturally transition to the realm of K-dramas thanks to their diverse range of genres, intricate character growth, and captivating plots.

Even this year, there are a lot of dramas that will base their story on webtoons. Some of the webtoon-based K-dramas that aired are “Taxi Driver Season 2,” “D.P. Season 2,” “Bloodhounds,” “Duty After School,” “See You in My 19th Life,” and more.

2023 is soon entering the fourth quarter of the year, and there are still new upcoming K-dramas adapted from a popular webtoon.

Here are some of the upcoming webtoon-based K-dramas you should check out:


"The Moon that Rises in the Day"

In October, the historical thriller K-drama “The Moon that Rises in the Day” will premiere both on the ENA channel and Netflix. Pyo Ye Jin and Kim Young Dae will be leading the series.  

“The Moon that Rises in the Day” will base its story on the webtoon of the same name by Hye Yoom. It will revolve around top star Han Jun Oh and a noble from the Silla Dynasty, Do Ha. After a car crash, Han Jun Oh’s body will possess Do Ha’s soul.



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How about seeing Bae Suzy again as an idol? The upcoming webtoon-based K-drama “Doona!” will showcase the story of Doona, an idol who decided to retire and return to being a college student. She then lives in a new apartment wherein she will meet and live with Joon. The story will be adapted from the webtoon “The Girl Downstairs" by Min Song Ah.

Bae Suzy will play the role of Doona. Meanwhile, Yang Se Jong will portray the character named Joon.  

“Doona!” will reportedly premiere this October. It will exclusively air on Netflix.


"A Good Day To Be A Dog"

Another October K-drama, “A Good Day To Be A Dog,” starring ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo and Park Gyu Young, will be released.

The story is based on the webtoon created by Lee Hey, and it tells the story of a woman who inherited her family’s curse of turning into a dog after receiving the first kiss. She can only break the curse by getting the second kiss. The problem is that her first kiss is extremely scared of dogs.

The K-drama will have a total of 14 episodes.



To all Nam Joo Hyuk fans, our thirst for new content is finally over. The actor will lead the webtoon-based K-drama “Vigilante” alongside Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Joon Hyuk.

“Vigilante” was created by CRG and illustrated by Kim Gyu Sam. It will showcase the life of Kim Ji Yong, who is a student at a police academy. He lost his mother because of a local gangster. It led him to become a vigilante and killer of criminals.

The upcoming K-drama will be released through Disney+ this coming November. The series was already pre-filmed before Nam Joo Hyuk started his military service.


"Death’s Game"


Last but not least is the upcoming star-studded K-drama “Death’s Game” that will premiere in December. 

The upcoming series will narrate how a man who decided to take his own life faces the punishment and game of death. He will experience dying throughout his thirteen lives. He has to find a way to survive and live out his lifetime.  

Seo In Guk and Park So Dam will be the main characters of the upcoming K-drama. In each episode, there will be special appearances from top stars Lee Do Hyun, Kim Jae Wook,  Kim Ji Hoon, Oh Jung Se, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, Kim Kang Hoon, Jang Seung Jo, and  Go Yoon Jung.

The webtoon “Death’s Game” is the collaboration work of writer Lee Won Sik and illustrator Gul Chan.


Among the listed upcoming webtoon-based K-dramas, which are you anticipating the most?

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