Unique and weird things that are normal in Korea

Ever wondered about the things that might surprise you when you visit South Korea? Let's take a look at some unique and slightly weird aspects that are perfectly normal in the culturally rich nation, South Korea:

Different Shoe Sizing

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In South Korea, they do shoe sizes a bit differently. Instead of numbers or letters, they measure shoe sizes in millimeters, which means your shoe size is based on the length of your foot in millimeters. This precise sizing ensures a perfect fit and reflects South Korean attention to detail when it comes to everyday things like shoes.

Leaving Belongings Unattended

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In Korea, you'll observe an incredible level of trust among its people. They have immense confidence in the safety of their society. It's entirely usual to leave personal items like laptops and smartphones unattended on a café table, or restaurant, even in busy cities. Remarkably, when you come back, you're highly likely to find your belongings precisely where you left them. This reflects the profound sense of security that characterizes the country.

Hair Rollers in Public

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In South Korea, it's common to see people walking around in public with their bangs/hair on rollers, especially among women. This might seem strange to outsiders, but it's a regular part of their daily beauty routine. South Koreans value looking good, so having nicely styled hair is important to them. Whether they're heading to work, school, or just out and about, you'll often spot women with hair rollers.

PC Gaming Cafes with Food

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In South Korea, going to a PC bang, which is like a gaming cafe, is more than just playing video games. It's a complete experience that includes food. These places have become popular for people who love gaming. What sets them apart from other countries is that they serve a wide range of food and drinks. You can order proper meals and drinks, turning your gaming time into a fun dining experience. This combination of gaming and eating has made PC bangs a big part of South Korea's entertainment scene, where friends gather to play games and enjoy tasty food all in one place.

Slurping Sounds While Eating

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In Korean dining culture, making slurping sounds, especially while eating noodles, is encouraged and considered a positive practice. This is different from certain Western cultures where noisy eating might be seen as impolite. In Korea, slurping signifies enjoyment, like saying, "This food is delicious!" It's a way of expressing how much you appreciate the flavors. In Korean culture, the louder the slurp, the more you're indicating your love for the meal.

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