TWICE’s Dahyun and B1A4’s Jinyoung to portray first love in a new film

TWICE’s Dahyun and B1A4’s Jinyoung are reportedly working together on the Korean remake of the Taiwanese movie “You Are The Apple of My Eye.”

Media sources reported that TWICE’s Dahyun and B1A4’s Jinyoung will team up in a new Korean movie. According to reports, Dahyun and Jinyoung will be the main stars in the upcoming Korean adaptation of the 2011 Taiwanese movie “You Are The Apple of My Eye.”

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Dahyun’s label JYP Entertainment responded to the news. According to the agency, “Dahyun has received the offer to star in the upcoming remake of ‘You Are The Apple of My Eye.’ The TWICE member is currently reviewing the offer.”

Meanwhile, Jinyoung’s side hasn’t given their statement yet. 

The upcoming film will base its story on the Taiwanese movie “You Are The Apple of My Eye” which premiered in 2011. The movie already had several remakes from other countries. The Taiwanese film was released in 2012 in South Korea and became a hit in the country. 

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After almost twelve years, South Korea is finally creating its adaptation of the hit film. 

“You Are The Apple of My Eye” will showcase the romance between a high school troublemaker and a famous pretty model student. The film will reveal their love story from their school years to 15 years later. 

Jinyoung will possibly play the role of the troublemaker and Dahyun got the offer to star as the pretty model student. 

Just this month, it was revealed that Dahyun will be making her official acting debut through an independent film titled “Sprint” with Ha Seok Jin and Lee Shin Young. A week later, another acting project was offered to the TWICE member. Aside from the upcoming solo acting gigs, Dahyun will still participate in all TWICE activities. 

Meanwhile, this will be the first movie project of B1A4’s Jinyoung after almost five years. The idol actor will also appear in the upcoming series “Miss Granny,” “Summer Vacation”, and the upcoming third season of “Sweet Home.”

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