Top actress Go Hyun Jung and Ryeoun will reportedly work together in the upcoming drama “Namib”

Go Hyun Jung and Ryeoun both received the offer to star in the upcoming series titled “Namib.” 

Go Hyun Jung and Ryeoun’s agency both confirmed that they have received the offer and are currently reviewing it. 

“Namib” will showcase the journey of a female entertainment CEO and a long-term male trainee who was pushed for her to take care of. 

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Go Hyun Jung will possibly portray the role named Kang Soo Hyun. She was a former co-CEO of an entertainment company. When she left the company, she got to have a male trainee to manage as part of her compensation. At first, she has bad intentions for the male trainee but as time goes by, she will eventually help him to achieve his dream. 

Ryeoun on the other hand will possibly portray the character named Yoo Jin Woo. He is a long-term trainee at an entertainment company. Despite him being a trainee for so long, there’s a specific reason why he can’t make his debut. He will then be managed by Kang Soo Hyun. 

If Go Hyun Jung confirms to be part of “Namib,” this will be her follow-up work after the Netflix original K-drama “Mask Girl” which premiered in 2023. The top actress is also set to star in the upcoming series “The Mantis” which is the Korean remake of the French drama titled “La Mante.” 

Meanwhile, if Ryeoun joins “Namib,” this will be his fourth upcoming drama. The rising actor is also set to participate in the upcoming series “Weak Hero Class 2,” “The Borrowed Body,” and “History of Losers.” This will also possibly be the first time that Ryeoun will work with a top actress since his debut. 

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Although the production of the K-drama “Namib” is confirmed, the premiere date and platform or broadcast channel are still not revealed.

Do you think Go Hyun Jung and Ryeoun are the best picks to lead the upcoming drama “Namib”?

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