Top 10 longest Idol group song to chart on Korea streaming platform MelOn

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In the world of K-pop, where trends come and go, the longevity of a song on music charts is one of the proofs of its appeal to the masses and the hard work of its fandom.  

One of the most popular music streaming platforms in Korea is MelOn. It is used by different ages and generations. The platform showcases the real-time popularity of songs through its charts.

We listed the top 10 longest-running KPop idol group songs to chart on MelOn. Here are the songs that have been able to win over listeners and stay on the charts for several weeks (as of August 28):

It is no doubt that the biggest K-pop group of all time, BTS, secured the top 5. First on the list is none other than “Spring Day” by BTS. Old or new ARMYs know that this song is top-tier and loved not only by fans but also by the general public. Up to this day, it is still charting on MelOn. The song was released in 2017 and has been on the charts for 341 weeks (and counting). It was followed by “Boy With Luv,” which was released in 2019. It lasted on the charts for 161 weeks.

Third on the list is BTS’ 2020 hit “Dynamite.” It is still charting up to this day. The song has been on the charts for 157 weeks.

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Meanwhile, BTS’ 2021 songs “Butter” and “Permission to Dance” ranked 4th and 5th. Both have been in the charts for 119 and 111 weeks consecutively. Just like most of the songs on the top 5, these two songs are still part of the charts to this day.

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Sixth on the list is the only debut song that came from a fourth-generation group. It is none other than IVE with the song “Eleven.” The song was released in December 2021 and still charting for 90 weeks now.

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Another third-generation K-Pop boy group charted long in MelOn. It’s BTOB’s ballad song “Missing You” that has been loved since 2017. The song lasted on the charts for 87 weeks.

Eight on the list is another debut song, but this time from a project boy group. Yes, you’re guesses are right. It’s Wanna One’s debut track Energetic that was released in 2017. It lasted on charts for 84 weeks.

Lastly, two songs are tied. These two songs both lasted on the charts for 82 weeks. It’s the songs “DNA” by BTS and “Next Level” by aespa.

Other songs that stayed for over 70 weeks on the MelOn charts are “Rollin” by Brave Girls, “Dolphin” by Oh My Girl, “Tomboy” by (G)I-DLE, and many more.

What is your most favorite song from the list?

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