STARFIELD LIBRARY (The Star Courtyard Library)

A cultural and emotional space for relaxation, socializing, and communicating through the theme of books.

The Star Courtyard Library is located in the center of COEX Central Plaza and covers a total of 2,800 square meters on two floors.

The comfortable reading space is bathed in soft light from the 13-meter-high bookshelves. It is designed as a cozy study with various tables for laptop work, all equipped with power outlets. The first floor is a separate space where you can leisurely read while overlooking the spaciousness of the underground floor.

The Star Courtyard Library houses over 50,000 books, with the first floor offering literature and humanities books and the underground floor featuring hobby and practical publications. It also includes a foreign book corner, a section dedicated to famous people's personal libraries, an E-Book collection accessible via iPads, and a specialized magazine corner with over 400 different magazines, including international ones.

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