THEBLACKLABEL is confirmed to debut their first-ever girl group

THEBLACKLABEL founded by producer TEDDY and Kush will officially debut their first-ever girl group. 

The record label is associated with the famous agency YG Entertainment. THEBLACKLABEL houses Jeon Somi, BIGBANG’s Taeyang, actor Park Bo Gum, and more. 


Early this month, photos of the alleged female trainees of THEBLACKLABEL surfaced on various online communities. Among the seven female individuals, three faces were recognized by the public. According to Korean netizens, child actress and model Ella Gross who was labeled as little Jennie from BLACKPINK in the past, dancer Bailey Sok (she has worked for the choreographies of Taeyang, aespa, and SHINee’s songs), and Shinsegae ( South Korean retail conglomerate) heiress with the surname “Moon” will be part of the newest girl group from THEBLACKLABEL.  


THEBLACKLABEL then officially released their statement regarding the circulating reports about their girl group. 

The record label confirmed that they will be debuting their first girl group and it will be revealed within the year. 

Here is the translated statement of THEBLACKLABEL: 

Hello, this is THEBLACKLABEL. 

We are producing our first girl group and are currently in the preparation stages with the goal of debuting them in the first half of the year. 

We will be revealing more details in the future. We hope for your understanding. 

Thank you. 

This will be the very first time that THEBLACKLABEL will be producing artists that haven’t officially debuted yet. All of the artists that are currently signed under THEBLACKLABEL came from different agencies in the past and have already debuted and been recognized by the public. 

Rumored member of the new girl group Ella Gross has signed with THEBLACKLABEL since 2018. 

Many are already anticipating on this new girl group as producer Teddy is known for being a hitmaker. He has produced a lot of hits for BIGBANG, 2NE1, Lee Hi, iKON, PSY, BLACKPINK and more. 

Are you curious about the members of THEBLACKLABEL’s newest girl group?

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