The Top 5 Best Idol-Actors in Korea

Media outlet Star News celebrated its 19th year in the industry. They are known to be one of the pioneers in the entertainment scene when it started to boom. 

As part of their celebration, the media outlet decided to survey 31 industry experts. These 31 people consist of entertainment agency representatives and even high-ranking officers at production houses. 

Star News conducted the survey to determine which idol actors are the best this year and has a lot of potential even in the future. Each participant in the survey was asked to choose two idol actors. 

The South Korean entertainment industry is known for housing multi-talented artists. K-Pop idols are not just people who can sing but they are known for possessing different kinds of talents that make them unique from others. It is also not new that the talented K-Pop idols are also venturing into acting. Although many are trying to the “idol-actor” career path, there are just a few that stand out among all of them. 

Here are the top 5 best idol actors in Korea that has been chosen by the industry experts: 

1) 2PM’s Lee Junho

© JYP Entertainment

Lee Junho received 21 votes from industry experts. This year, the actor starred in “King The Land” and many praised him for his looks, acting, and chemistry with Im Yoona. 

2)ZE:A’s Siwan and EXO’s D.O

© SM Entertainment

Siwan and D.O. tied for second place and got 11 votes each. In the past years, these two will always be mentioned in the top three of the best idol actors of all time. These two are always praised for their performance whether in dramas or films. 

3)ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo

© Fantagio Entertainment

Third on the ranking is Cha Eunwoo. He is not only known for being a face genius but he is also considered now as one of the best idol actors. 

4)ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik and SF9’s Rowoon

© UAA / FNC Entertainment

Another ZE: A member was included in the list. Park Hyungsik is also considered one of the best idol actors of this generation. He has proven himself and his acting skills with different kinds of genres. Same with Rowoon, who’s currently booked and busy and will work with top actresses for new dramas. The two were tied in the fourth place and got 2 votes each. 

5) 2 PM’s Taecyeon and UKISS Jun

© 51K Entertainment

Taecyeon and Jun completed the top 4 with them receiving 1 vote each. Taecyeon recently starred in the K-drama “Heartbeat” while Jun is set to lead the upcoming dramas “I Openly Dream of Cinderella,” “You Have Done Well,” “Royal Loader,” and “Na Rae, Kicking Out.”

Most of these idols are from the second and third-generation K-pop idols, who do you think will follow the footsteps of the newer K-pop generations?

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