“The Glory” actress Kim Hieora addresses past bullying allegations

On September 6, media outlet Dispatch unveiled an exclusive report about Kim Hieora being part of a school bullying group named Big Sangji at Sangji Girls’ Middle School.

In the exclusive report of Dispatch, the school bullying group Big Sangji is widely known for assault, verbal abuse, money extortion, and more. It was also revealed that alleged victims came to Dispatch and shared that Kim Hieora was part of the group.

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Aside from the group extorting money and cursing the victims, the actress herself as a member, allegedly asks victims to buy cigarettes and also extort money. With all the issues, Kim Hieora’s agency denied all the bullying allegations.

GRAM Entertainment also announced that they will take strong legal action against all the malicious statements that were given to the actress to defame her. Although the agency denied the bullying allegations, the issue didn’t die down and some of Kim Hieora’s upcoming projects were canceled.

On September 7, GRAM Entertainment released another statement giving more information about their truth. The agency confirmed that Kim Hieora is part of the Big Sangji, an online cafe joined by friends who are also attending Sangji Girls’ Middle School. It is also true that she socializes with its members.

According to the agency, the Big Sangji is not a school bullying group unlike what was reported. There are also other ordinary students who are members of the group. GRAM Entertainment also reiterated that they will reveal more details about it later on.

The agency also firmly denied that Kim Hieora participated in any bullying activities and she has never participated in school violence. They also revealed that they will actively clarify all the allegations linked to it.

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Kim Hieora also personally addressed the issue by posting a message on her Instagram account. The actress apologized for causing concern about the issue. She also shared that she will face all the allegations and issues with all honesty.

She also stated that because there are people who trust her, she will continue to move forward with all honesty.

Here’s the Instagram post of Kim Hieora addressing the issue: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cw2ikEtPASB/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=87bc883e-06dd-45ec-bd02-ce76784d3f64

With this, Kim Hieora and her agency GRAM Entertainment continue to stand firm on their statement and will deal with the issue by releasing detailed information soon.

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