The BIBI Effect: How "Bam Yang Gang" Became the Go-To Korean Snack

In the early months of 2024, numerous artists, including BIBI, have unveiled impressive new songs. BIBI, in particular, made waves with her latest release, "Bam Yang Gang," which debuted in February.

Unlike her previous work, this song and its accompanying music video showcased a completely different vibe. The song garnered widespread admiration among Koreans and even influenced the sales of a popular Korean snack.

"Bam Yang Gang" quickly soared to the top of the music charts upon its release, marking a significant achievement for BIBI. This track also secured her first-ever perfect all-kill, claiming the number-one spot across major music streaming platforms. It's worth mentioning that the song was created by Jang Ki Ha, known for being part of the indie rock band Kiha & The Faces.

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In her hit song, BIBI candidly expressed her desires in a relationship, likening it to the simplicity of a "bam yang gang," which embodies genuine and uncomplicated love. The track portrays "Bam Yang Gang" as a representation of modesty rather than extravagance.

The accompanying music video shed light on how BIBI's ex-boyfriend misunderstood her desires, perceiving them as excessive demands when, in reality, she simply yearned for the simplicity of a "Bam Yang Gang."

Alongside its chart-topping success, "Bam Yang Gang" sparked a surge in popularity for the Korean snack "Yanggaeng" - a jelly made from a blend of chestnuts and red beans. Traditionally overlooked by younger consumers, the song's influence led to a remarkable increase in sales for the snack.

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Convenience stores and supermarkets witnessed a surge in purchases of the snack, with reports indicating a staggering 100 percent increase in sales compared to the same period last year.

Haitai Confectionery, the company behind the Yanggaeng product, has verified the surge in sales and expressed gratitude towards BIBI for the song's role in boosting their product's popularity.

Have you had the chance to listen to and watch BIBI's newest release yet? You can watch the music video here.

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