Starfield Byeolmadang Library opens in Suwon, South Korea

If you've been to South Korea, you've probably heard of the famous Starfield Byeolmadang Library in COEX. Initially not designed as a tourist attraction, its exceptional beauty and uniqueness have turned it into a popular spot for visitors, both locals and foreigners alike. It's now a must-visit on many tourists' itineraries in Korea.

Adding to its appeal, the Starfield Byeolmadang Library has even been featured in K-dramas, with the latest being "Record of Youth," starring Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam.

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On January 26th, a new Starfield Byeolmadang Library will open in Suwon, occupying the 4th to 7th floors of a mall. This expansion hints at Starfield Byeolmadang Library in Suwon's potential to become another popular tourist destination.

As the second in Korea, this cultural hub within Starfield Suwon marks a significant milestone, offering a comfortable and relaxing space for all visitors.

The library's expansive layout features towering bookshelves, creating a striking visual. Planet-themed sculptures add to the ambiance, offering a unique experience. The "Grandstair" invites relaxation and socialization.

Cultural events such as lectures and concerts will take place, while sensory spaces across multiple floors cater to various book-centered interests. Private study rooms further enhance the tranquil setting, ensuring relaxation throughout Starfield Byeolmadang Library in Suwon.

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In addition to Starfield Suwon, there are several other attractions worth visiting in Suwon, such as the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, Samsung Innovation Museum, Haenggung Street, and more. Exploring these sites will help you make the most of your trip to the area.

Here's how to travel from Seoul to Suwon: You have three options. You can take Subway Line 1, which takes about 1 hour and is the cheapest. Alternatively, you can opt for the Nooriro Train, which is more comfortable and takes 34 minutes. The fastest option is the KTX, which takes only 25 minutes but is the most expensive.

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