Son Seok Koo in discussion to reunite with “My Liberation Notes” director in a new series

Son Seok Koo will possibly work again with “My Liberation Notes” director Kim Suk Yoon. 

According to various media outlets, Son Seok Koo is currently reviewing the offer to join actresses Han Ji Min and Lee Jung Eun in the upcoming series titled “More Beautiful Than Heaven.” 

Son Seok Koo’s agency also confirmed the reports. According to Stannum Co., Ltd, “Son Seok Koo is positively considering appearing in the upcoming series ‘More Beautiful Than Heaven.’ Nothing is officially confirmed yet.”

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Han Ji Min and Lee Jung Eun were the ones who first got the offer to join the series. This will also possibly be their reunion with the director. 

“More Beautiful Than Heaven” will be the next project of director Kim Suk Yoon. The director is known for being the mastermind behind the great K-dramas “My Liberation Notes,” “Law School,” “The Light in Your Eyes,” and more. 

There is no official announcement yet on the premiere date of the upcoming series. 

Many are already anticipating on the possible reunion of Son Seok Koo and the director. The K-drama “My Liberation Notes” became one of the reasons in the current popularity of Son Seok Koo. 

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Meanwhile, Son Seok Koo is also expected to lead the upcoming series titled “Nine Puzzle.” He will star alongside Kim Da Mi, Hyun Bong Sik, Kim Do Geon, Lee Joo Young, and Hwang Jung Min. 

Son Seok Koo will also be part of the cast of the upcoming movie “Virus” and he will work with Kim Yoon Seok, Bae Doona, Moon Sun Young, Kwak Jin, and Kim Kyung Il. 

This year, Son Seok Koo led the Netflix original series “A Killer Paradox” with Choi Woo Shik. He also starred in the film “​​Troll Factory” with Kim Sung Cheol, Kim Dong Hwi, Hong Kyung, and more. 

Do you wish to see Son Seok Koo and director Kim Suk Yoon work together again?

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