SHINee’s Onew and Taemin will reportedly leave SM Entertainment after 16 years

SHINee’s Onew and Taemin will possibly not renew their contracts with SM Entertainment. 

An exclusive report was released on March 5 stating that both Onew and Taemin from SHINee will no longer renew their contracts with their agency SM Entertainment. 

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According to the report, Taemin’s exclusive contract with SM Entertainment will be finished by the end of March while Onew’s contract will end in the first half of the year. 

It was also revealed that even though Onew and Taemin will no longer be part of SM Entertainment, they will still participate in any group activities of SHINee which will be handled by the agency. 

Reports also stated that Taemin will be moving to Big Planet Made Entertainment after his contract with SM Entertainment ends. The agency then responded and revealed that nothing has been decided yet on the transfer of Taemin. 

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With all the news going around, SM Entertainment finally gave their official statement. 

SM Entertainment confirmed that the exclusive contracts of the SHINee members are expiring. Members Key and Minho are positively discussing to renew their contracts with the agency. Meanwhile, Taemin’s contract is confirmed to end in March and his next plan has yet to be confirmed. Lastly, Onew’s contract will indeed expire this June and he is currently checking on different options after the expiration. 

This will possibly be the first time that SHINee members will be signed under different agencies. Since they debuted in 2008, SHINee has worked with SM Entertainment. They have renewed their contracts altogether for several times. 

SHINee is currently having their “SHINee WORLD VI: PERFECT ILLUMINATION” concert tour. Only Key, Minho, and Taemin are performing and Onew is currently on hiatus to focus on his health. 

Do you wish to see Onew and Taemin in a new agency?

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