Seoul to have a tethered balloon ride attraction starting in June

Are you heading to South Korea this summer? Aside from the usual summer activities, the Seoul Metropolitan Government added a new attraction in the city. 

The Seoul Metropolitan Government recently revealed that Seoul will be having a tethered helium balloon ride around Yeouido Hangang Park starting this coming June. The ride will be called as the Seoul’s moon. 

© Seoul Metropolitan Government

The tethered helium balloon ride will showcase Seoul’s elevated view with 250 meters height and it will available from 12 noon until evening. 

This is not the first time that a tethered helium balloon ride are part of the attraction of a country. This kind of attraction was also available on tourist spots from all over the world like the ones is Disney attractions. 

According to The Seoul Metropolitan Government, they have worked with French creator Aerophile for the tethered helium balloon ride. The balloon will have Seoul’s current logo “Seoul My Soul.” It will begin to operate at the end of June. Before it becomes available to visitors, the officials will have test flights to make sure of its safety. 

© Seoul Metropolitan Government

The tethered helium balloon ride can accommodate 30 passengers at a time with the duration of 15 minutes per ride. The cost per ride will possibly be 25,000 Korean won for adults and there will be discounts to PWDs and for those with significant contributions to the country. 

Starting from June, the tethered helium balloon ride located at  Yeouido Hangang Park will be available year round and it will be open from 12 noon until 10 PM everyday. The attraction will not operate every Mondays for maintenance. 

The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans for the attraction ride to be a trademark in the city. The government have been doing their best to attract more people all over the world to visit Seoul. 

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