Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee are caught up in dating rumors

Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee were rumored to be dating after an alleged witness shared that the two actors were seen together at a hotel swimming pool in Hawaii. 

Because the reports have been spreading all over the internet, both Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee’s agencies have responded to it. 

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Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency CJES Studios stated, “Ryu Jun Yeol is indeed in Hawaii. He is doing his photography work in the country. We ask for your understanding as it is the personal life and vacation of Ryu Jun Yeol so we will not comment about it. In the future as well, we will no longer comment on every sighting of the actor especially if it’s personal schedule.”

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Han So Hee’s agency 9Ato Entertainment shared their statement regarding the dating news. According to the actress’ agency, “Han So Hee traveled to Hawaii with her close friends.” They also gave a brief answer when asked about the relationship status of the actress, “Because it is her personal life, we ask for your understanding.”

While the topic of their dating news is trending, Ryu Jun Yeol’s ex-girlfriend Girls Day’s Hyeri shared a cryptic post with the caption “Funny” on her personal Instagram. It was also discovered that Hyeri unfollowed Ryu Jun Yeol on Instagram. Many are speculating that Hyeri’s post was her response to the dating news. 

Hours after, Han So Hee seemingly replied to Hyeri’s Instagram post. The actress also posted a photo on her Instagram stories with the caption, “I never had something with someone who is in a relationship nor did I lead them on with the use of friendship nor did I become part of someone else’s relationship. I love watching the program ‘Transit Love’ (an entertainment program about ex-lovers trying to find someone new) but that’s not a part of my life.” 

Lastly, the caption stated, “I think it's funny too.”  

Meanwhile, even before the dating reports happened, Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee were offered to star in a new K-drama. The two are currently in talks to lead the webtoon-based series called “Delusion.” It will be directed by Han Jae Rim who is known for creating the hit movies a project of the director Han Jae Rim who helmed the hit films “The Face Reader,” “Emergency Declaration,” and “The King.”

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