RIIZE confirmed to make a Spring comeback

After only three months, RIIZE will be having another comeback for this year. 

Media outlets reported that RIIZE will be joining other K-pop groups in having a comeback this Spring. They also revealed that the hot rookie group is busy preparing for their upcoming music release. 

RIIZE’s agency SM Entertainment confirmed the circulating reports. SM Entertainment gave a brief statement, saying, “It is true that RIIZE is aiming to make a comeback in April. Please look forward to their release.” 

© SM Entertainment

In January of this year, RIIZE had its first comeback with the title song “Love 119.” Three months after its release, the popular boy group from SM Entertainment will have another music release. 

Despite the song “Love 119” being released three months ago, it is still being loved by not only RIIZE fans but also by the general public. Up until today, the song maintains its spot on Korean music platforms like Melon. 

Aside from the second comeback of RIIZE, the group also announced that they are having a fan-con tour called “RIIZING DAY.” They will visit countries such as Japan, the USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and more. They will kick off the fan-con tour in Seoul on May 4 and 5. 

© SM Entertainment

RIIZE is also set to reveal its official lightstick in April. Many are already anticipating the design of their fanlight as it was recently teased by the group. 

The SM Entertainment K-pop boy group RIIZE made their official debut in September 2023. Just like the seniors from the agency, RIIZE became famous right after their debut. Their debut song “Get A Guitar” was loved by fans and non-fans. Even the dance of their debut song is loved by non-fans and has been covered multiple times on various social media platforms.

Are you excited to hear new music from RIIZE?

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