Red Velvet’s Wendy to make her solo comeback in February!

After three years of waiting, Reveluvs will be able to witness the solo comeback of Red Velvet’s Wendy. 

On January 15, media outlets reported that Red Velvet member Wendy will be releasing his second solo album next month. 

© SM Entertainment

After several reports were published, Red Velvet’s agency SM Entertainment gave their official statement regarding the circulating news. 

According to SM Entertainment, “Wendy is currently in the preparation stages intending to release a new solo album. We will inform you of the release date once it is officially confirmed.” 

This will be the first solo comeback of Wendy since she made her solo debut in 2021. In April 2021, Wendy became the first Red Velvet member to debut as a solo. She released her first mini-album titled “Like Water” with two title tracks “Like Water” and “When This Rain Stops.”

In 2023, Red Velvet focused on group activities. The last Red Velvet member to release a solo was Seulgi in October 2022. 

Last year in November, Wendy participated in all Red Velvet activities including the comeback promotion and activities for their third full-length album “Chill Kill.”

Aside from Red Velvet activities in 2023, Wendy continued to host the radio program “Wendy's Youngstreet” until June. She also made her theater debut through the musical “Rebecca.”

© SM Entertainment

Wendy made her debut on August 1, 2014. She was introduced as a Red Velvet member and the main vocalist of the SM Entertainment girl group. 

Even before Wendy made her solo debut, she had already collaborated and released solo songs through different activities like OSTs, SM Station, and alike. She has worked with popular singers such as John Legend, Eric Nam, Melomance, SHINee’s Taemin, Zico, and more. 

There are no official details yet for the concept and release date of the upcoming second solo album. 

Are you going to support the second solo album of Red Velvet’s Wendy?

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