“Queen of Tears” Kim Ji Won replaces Han So Hee as soju endorser

Actress Kim Ji Won will reportedly replace Han So Hee as the endorser of the Lotte Chilsung Soju brand “Chum Churum.”

According to various media outlets Lotte Chilsung has finally chosen their new model for their soju brand Chum Churum. 

© Lotte Chilsung

It was recently revealed that Han So Hee, who modeled for the soju brand for a year, was not given a contract renewal to endorse it. Han So Hee’s contract with Lotte Chilsung ended early this month. 

It is not usual for a soju brand to end the modeling contract of a celebrity for just a year. Many speculated that Han So Hee’s contract ended due to her recent involvement in a dating scandal with actor Ryu Jun Yeol. 

With this, there’s a lot of anticipation about which top actress will be the new model for “Chum Churum.”

On March 26, media outlets reported that actress Kim Ji Won had been selected as the new face of the Lotte Chilsung Soju brand “Chum Churum.”

A representative of Lotte Chilsung shared their official statement regarding the circulating reports. According to them, “It is true that we are currently discussing who will be the next model of our soju brand. There is no confirmation as of the moment.”

There’s no doubt that Kim Ji Won is a strong contender for becoming the new model of the soju brand as the actress is one of the most talked about nowadays. 

© tvN - Queen of Tears

Kim Ji Won is one of the hottest stars today as she is starring in the hit tvN K-drama titled “Queen of Tears.” She is currently working with top actor Kim Soo Hyun in the series. Despite the K-drama still being on episode four, it is already considered a successful series as it already received double-digit ratings. Kim Ji Won and her current drama is also dominating the most buzzworthy drama And actor rankings for two weeks already.

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Do you think Kim Ji Won is the best pick as the new model of Lotte Chilsung Soju brand “Chum Churum”?

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