National Children's Day in South Korea is Almost Here!

Every year on May 5th, South Korea gives importance in celebrating the National Children's Day (어린이날 - Eorininal). 

This special day is dedicated to honoring their precious children. But the history of Children's Day goes deeper than just fun and games.

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Originally established in 1923, the first Children's Day was held on May 1st, International Workers' Day. This strategic date wasn't a coincidence. Activists intentionally chose this day to highlight the parallels between the fight for workers' rights and the need to protect children. 

However, after Korea's liberation from Japan in 1946, the date was shifted to May 5th. This change aimed to create a politically neutral, national celebration solely focused on children's well-being. It wasn't until 1975 that May 5th finally became a public holiday, solidifying its place as a cherished tradition.

Fast forward to today, Children's Day is celebrated by showcasing their love and appreciation for children. Families take this opportunity to bond over fun activities like visiting amusement parks, and zoos or simply enjoying a picnic outdoors. Many parks and entertainment venues offer special discounts on this day, making it even more appealing for families to spend quality time together.

The Korean entertainment industry also enthusiastically embraces Children's Day. 

Fans can expect a delightful influx of childhood photos shared by their favorite celebrities.  Some stars even take this opportunity to donate to children's charities, adding a layer of heartwarming philanthropy to the holiday.

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So, if you've ever wondered what your favorite Korean idol looked like as a kid, be sure to mark your calendar for May 5th – you might just get a glimpse into their adorable past! 

National Children's Day is approaching so watch out for content and stuff related to it in the Korean entertainment industry. 

How about in your country is Children’s Day celebrated in your country? Let us know in the comments!

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