MBC announces the official cast of the upcoming sequel of "Chief Inspector"


The longest MBC K-drama will have its remake after 53 years. 

It’s confirmed on August 17 that MBC will start the production of “Chief Inspector 1963.” It will be the sequel of “Chief Inspector,” which aired from 1971 until 1989. MBC also confirmed the cast lineup of the much-awaited sequel.


“Chief Inspector 1963” will be led by Lee Je Hoon, Lee Dong Hwi, Seo Eun Soo, Jung Soo Bin, Lee Soon Jae, and Yoo Dong Geun.

The upcoming sequel is set in the 1960s era. It will showcase the story of Park Young Han 10 years ahead of the original K-drama. The new K-drama will reveal the past life of Park Young Han. The life he had before he became the chief inspector.


In the new sequel, top actor Lee Je Hoon will give life to the character named Park Young Han. He will be the successor of veteran actor Choi Bool Am.

Lee Dong Hwi will portray the role of the “crazy dog” of the Jongnam Police Station. Lee Dong Hwi will play as Detective Kim Sang Soon. After meeting Park Young Han, his view as a detective changed.

Choi Woo Sung will be the new addition to the Jongnam Police Station. He will play Jo Kyung Hwan. After knowing Park Young Han, he decided to be like him who serves the country well.

Lastly, Yoon Hyun Soo will play the role of Seo Ho Jung. He came from an elite background and will also join Jongnam Police Station. He will be the “strategist” of the group. He will encounter Park Young Han while facing the biggest struggle of his life.

The upcoming K-drama will be helmed by director Kim Sung Hoon. The same director of the films “Rampant” and “Confidential Assignment 1.”

“Chief Inspector 1963” will exclusively premiere on MBC in 2024.

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