Ma Dong Seok in talks to return to Korean dramas after eight years

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After eight years, Ma Dong Seok returns to the Korean small screen with the upcoming K-drama “Twelve.”

Ma Dong Seok is widely known for starring in various hit Korean films and Hollywood movies. In 2023, the top actor again led a new blockbuster Korean film. He starred in “The Roundup: No Way Out” with Lee Joon Hyuk, Aoki Munetaka, Lee Bum Soo, Kim Min Jae, and Jun Suk Ho.

Although he’s active on the big screen, he’s greatly missed in the K-drama scene. His last official K-drama project was in 2016 through “38 Task Force.” He also made special appearances in the series “Tong: Memories” and “Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation.”

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After eight years, Ma Dong Seok is possibly having his grand return to K-dramas.

On August 25, industry insiders revealed that Ma Dong Seok will lead the upcoming K-drama titled “Twelve.”

“Twelve” is about superheroes who do their best to protect the Korean peninsula against evil spirits. Ma Dong Seok will reportedly portray the role of the leader of the superheroes named Taesan.

Ma Dong Seok’s side responded to the circulating news. Ma Dong Seok’s agency, Big Punch Entertainment, shared, “It is true that Ma Dong Seok got the offer to lead the K-drama ‘Twelve.’ It is one of the projects he received, and he is reviewing it positively.”

Currently, there are no reports if the upcoming K-drama will premiere through local broadcast channels or Korean OTT platforms. Actors that will join Ma Dong Seok are not revealed yet as well.

“Twelve” is set to premiere in the last half of 2024.

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While we wait for the confirmation of Ma Dong Seok’s K-drama, the actor will first work on the upcoming movies “The Roundup: Punishment,” “Along With the Gods 3,” and “The Wilderness.”  

Ma Dong Seok is also busy with his upcoming Hollywood action film “Hell Divers.” Aside from being part of the cast, Ma Dong Seok is also producing the upcoming movie.

Do you wish to see Ma Dong Seok as a Korean superhero this time?

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