Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hye Joon will possibly reunite in a new season of “A Shop for Killers”

The hit 2023 Disney+ K-drama “A Shop for Killer” will possibly have a new season. 

Streaming platform Disney+ held their press conference on March 12 to introduce their content lineup for the year. They revealed the much-awaited K-dramas “Uncle Samsik,” “Blood Free,” “Light Shop,” and more will premiere in 2024. 

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Aside from the upcoming content to be revealed within the year, the representative of the streaming platform also shared a piece of exciting news. 

According to Shin Ah Reum who is in charge of Disney+ content, Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hye Joon’s K-drama “A Shop for Killers” started the success of K-dramas on Disney+ this year. 

With this, Disney+ is currently discussing a season 2 for the K-drama. There is no confirmation for the new season but they are positively considering it. This is good news for the fans of the K-drama who have been voicing their desire to have a second season and reveal more of the story of the main leads. The K-drama also ended with lots of questions for viewers and many are hoping it will be answered through a new season. 

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“A Shop for Killers” is an action thriller K-drama that revolves around Jeong Ji An and his uncle, Jeong Jin Man. After becoming an orphan, Jeong Ji An started to live with his uncle Jeong Jin Man. One day, she received a call stating that her uncle suddenly died. After the passing of his uncle, Jeong Ji An started to learn more about his uncle and his mysterious shopping mall. She also became the target of unknown killers that are connected to his uncle. The K-drama based its story on the novel of the same name by author Kang Ji Young. 

The K-drama was led by Lee Dong Wook, Kim Hye Joon, Seo Hyun Woo, Park Ji Bin, Geum Hae Na, Jo Han Sun, Lee Tae Young, and Kim Min. 

“A Shop for Killers” started airing in January of this year. It had a total of 8 episodes. 

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