Lee Byung Hun and Son Ye Jin in talks to lead a new movie!

Lee Byung Hun and Son Ye Jin will possibly be the next big thing in Korean movies. 

It was recently reported that Lee Byung Hun and Son Ye Jin have been offered to lead a new film that will be created by renowned director Park Chan Wook. 

In response to the circulating reports, both the agencies of Lee Byung Hun and Son Ye Jin shared their sides. 

© BH Entertainment

Lee Byung Hun’s agency BH Entertainment stated, “The actor received the proposal to star in the new work of director Park Chan Wook and he is reviewing it positively.” 

Son Ye Jin’s agency MSteam Entertainment’s response is similar to Lee Byung Hun. They also revealed that the actress is positively considering to star in the new film. 

© MSteam Entertainment

There are not much details to the upcoming movie aside from it will be a thriller film and will be helmed by director Park Chan Wook. Director Park Chan Wook is known for creating the hit movies “Oldboy,” “The Handmaiden,” “Decision to Leave,” and more.

If Lee Byung Hun confirms to star in the upcoming project, this will be his reunion work with director Park Chan Wook. The two previously worked together for the movies “Joint Security Area” and “Three… Extremes.” It will be their reunion project after 20 years. The top actor is also expected to lead the upcoming films “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” and “The Match.”

Lee Byung Hun will also lead the upcoming second season of “Squid Game” which will exclusively premiere this year on Netflix. 

Meanwhile, this will also possibly be the return of Son Ye Jin to the movie scene after 5 years. The top actress last starred in a movie in 2018 through the film “The Negotiation” with her husband Hyun Bin. This will also possibly be her first official project after tying the knot and welcoming her first child. 

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