Learning the Couple Culture in Korea

In different parts of the world, people have their own unique ways of showing affection when they like someone romantically. South Korea is one of those places, and it's kind of like a magical land of love. When you visit Korea, you'll see how couples celebrate love in fun and colorful ways. You'll often see these couples wearing matching clothes and even sneakers that show they affection about each other.

In Korea, they have a special day for couples to celebrate every month, which might sound like a lot, but it's really cool. Sometimes, these celebrations are a bit commercial, like Valentine's Day, but they always make it exciting, unique, and romantic. There are plenty of fun things to do when you're in a relationship or going on a date.

And even though there's no rulebook for the couple culture in Korea, we will help you understand how it works. 

How do Koreans start dating?

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In Korea, friends often play matchmakers, setting up singles with potential partners. These connections are vital, as meeting new people outside of school or work without a mutual friend's introduction is not so common i. Unlike in some Western countries, approaching strangers on the street is rare, but some, specially the new generation is open to meeting others, especially after socializing over drinks or even dating apps. This emphasis on friendships and mutual connections shapes the unique couple culture in Korea.

Special occasions and holidays are celebrated differently when you’re a couple

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In Korea, couples have a unique way of celebrating their love. Instead of waiting for yearly anniversaries, they mark their relationship milestones every hundred days, like the 100th, 200th, or 1000th day together. On these special days, they exchange gifts, go to nice restaurants, or take short trips as a way to cherish their time together.


Korean couples also celebrate the usual holidays as a couple, such as Christmas. In February, on Valentine's Day, women give gifts to their partners, while in March, on White Day, the men reciprocate with gifts. Even on November 11, known as Pepero Day, Korean couples exchange pepero snacks as a sweet gesture of affection. 

Matching Outfits is very common

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In Korea, it's common for couples to wear matching outfits, like matching tops, bracelets, shoes, and even phone wallpapers. While this might seem unusual to some, in Korea, it's seen as stylish and a sweet way to express their romantic relationship.

This practice is so popular that even Korean celebrities have been "caught" in relationships because of their matching items. What might make others cringe is a common and fashionable expression of love in Korean couple culture.

Couple rings even when you only started dating

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In South Korea, couple rings are like special symbols of love and commitment. Both people in the couple wear these rings to show that their hearts are closely connected. Some couples buy these rings, while others make them together in special andmade shops. Exchanging these rings is a big, romantic moment in a relationship, showing that they are deeply committed to each other. While they're a bit like engagement rings, they're not for getting married; they're more about celebrating their love and togetherness. 

So, if you ever find yourself getting ready for a date in Korea and you're feeling both excited and nervous, just take note on our tips to experience the couple culture in Korea! 

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