Korean stars who have “Nation” titles

South Korea has a unique way of distinguishing the celebrities they take pride in. These celebrities are their national treasures so they give them unique “Nation Titles.” 

Here are some of the Korean celebrities who have garnered a “NATION” title in South Korea: 

Nation’s Little Sister 

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The nation’s little sister is given to celebrities with angelic and cute charm. In the past, it was given to Jang Na Ra, Park Bo Young, and more. The princess of K-pop and the soloist with many hits IU is also considered the Nation’s little sister in South Korea. 

Nation’s First Love

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The nation’s first love title was given to Bae Suzy after she starred in the hit Korean film “Architecture 101.” She portrayed the role of the male lead’s first love. Whenever they think about “first love,” Suzy usually comes to mind. 

Although it has been years since Suzy starred in the film, and she has portrayed different roles in her career, people still continue to call Suzy the “Nation’s First Love.”

Nation’s Pick 

© SM Entertainment

The title Nation’s Pick is not only given randomly but this title was officially awarded by the Korean Government to top boy group EXO in 2018. 

EXO is one of the most popular boy groups of all time and they have received several awards in Korea and globally. They are considered a global group and they even represented and performed at the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Nation’s Girl Group

© SM Entertainment

There were a lot of girl groups that debuted in Korea but the only one who got the title of the “Nation’s Girl Group” is SM Entertainment’s group Girls Generation. 

Girls Generation has been successful throughout their career with many hit songs that are well-loved by the nation. All the members of the group are popular and known by the public. 

Whenever Koreans think of the Nation’s girl group, it will always be the Girls Generation.

Nation’s MC 

© Antenna

If you think about the most hard-working and most praised MC in Korea, it is none other than Yoo Jae Suk. He has been the main MC of a lot of successful Korean variety shows. Aside from that, throughout his career, he has had no scandals and many give testimonies to his politeness and generosity. Korea has labeled him as the Nation’s MC and he is the only one with that title. 

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