Korean Snacks Recommended by Famous K-Pop Idols

Looking for some unique Korean snacks beyond the usual options like pepero, choco pie, or honey butter flavored treats? 

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If you're interested in exploring more Korean snacks, why not try those recommended by famous K-pop idols or their personal favorites?

These recommendations come from interviews, live broadcasts, and other spontaneous mentions, not as part of product placement. Additionally, these snacks aren't endorsed by the idols, so you can trust that they're genuine favorites. 

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Check out some of the Korean snacks recommended by your favorite K-pop idols:

Crown White Heim (White Cream & Hazelnuts)

This snack, endorsed by aespa's Giselle, is best enjoyed frozen, as she highlighted in her "Must Haves" video for W Korea magazine. While it's tasty on its own, Giselle suggests freezing it for an extra refreshing treat.

Watch the video here.

Haitai Choco Homerun Ball

EXO's Baekhyun highly recommends this snack – Choco Homerun Ball. During one of his V Live sessions, he excitedly shared that combining Choco Homerun Ball with Coca Cola is an exceptionally tasty experience. His enthusiasm not only resonated with fans but also gained viral attention within the K-Pop industry.

Watch the video here

Olive Young Bagel Chips 

Featured on an episode of TWICE's reality program "TIME TO TWICE," the Choco Cinnamon Bagel Chip has gained popularity. The girls were spotted enjoying these chips, and BLACKPINK's Jennie has also expressed her fondness for them. The bagel chips come in various flavors such as Garlic Butter, Crispy Sweet Potato, Corn Soup, and more.

Watch the video here

Maeil Soy Milk

This snack comes with a recommendation from IVE's Wonyoung, who is known for her love of milk. In her "In My Bag" video for W Korea Magazine, Wonyoung revealed her affection for soy milk, particularly the Maeil brand.

Watch the video here.

Teazen Kombucha Lemon Powder Stick 

BTS Jungkook recommends this snack. During one of his V Live sessions, he mentioned that his go-to drink is Kombucha, and he drinks two bottles a day. After Jungkook shared this with ARMYs, they quickly ordered it online, causing it to sell out and even leading to shortages in South Korea.

Watch the video here.

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