Korean phrases that are widely used now by K-fans

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If you’re a fan of anything Korean such as dramas, music, culture, and alike, you surely know or have heard these popular phrases.

 You don’t have to be fluent in Korean to know these phrases. Korean content widely uses these phrases, and non-Koreans are aware of them. Those who know it use them in their daily life as well.

Here are some of the most popular Korean phrases that are popular not only used by locals but also by any Korean content fans:


Are you crazy? (미쳤어? = michyeoss-eo)

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Friends or people of the same age usually use this phrase. This phrase is not only seen in Korean dramas, but idols also use it when communicating with each other or even with their fans (they only use this to fans in a funny way).

The phrase 미쳤어? = michyeoss-eo (Are you crazy?) is in no way mocking people with mental disorders.


Don’t do that (하지마 = hajima)

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If you know this word, certainly there’s a scene you remember from a character or idol stating this phrase. They typically use it in a cute, annoyed, or begging tone.


Do you want to die? (죽을래? = jugeullae)

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This phrase does not mean Koreans want to kill the person they are talking to. This is just their way of expressing how annoyed they are with the person they are talking to. In Korean dramas, it is commonly used by siblings or best friends. This phrase is one of the first phrases that fans learn through Korean content.

Example of how to use the phrase:
Younger sister: Sis, can I borrow your yellow dress?
Older sister: 죽을래? = jugeullae, I just bought it!


You surprised me. (깜짝이야 =  kkamjagiya)

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If you’ve heard this from any of your friends who are into Korean, don’t worry, they didn’t curse you out. It’s just the Korean expression of getting surprised or scared. It is also one of the most common Korean phrases learned and used by fans.


Do you want to eat ramen? (라면먹고갈래? = ramyeon meokgo galrae)

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This phrase is like a secret code. Only Koreans and fans of K-content will know the meaning of this phrase.

“Do you want to eat ramen?” is the Korean version of “Wanna Netflix and chill?” This phrase is widespread in Korean dramas. It is their subtle way of asking their lover to initiate romance without being explicit with words, especially when Korean dramas have age restrictions.

So if someone asks you to eat ramen out of the blue, you already know what they truly want.

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