Korean food to try when you visit South Korea

Imagine a place where there is delicious food around every corner. In addition to being well-known for its K-pop stars, K-dramas, and full of history palaces, South Korea is a foodie's dream for people of all ages.

Food in South Korea is never boring. There is always something fascinating to be discovered, whether your preferred meals are smoky BBQ, spicily flavored noodles, or sweet treats. Every meal feels like an experience in this country, and every bite is bursting with flavor!

The food here is not just delicious; it's a celebration of flavors and culture. Are you hungry for a culinary adventure? Grab your chopsticks, and let's begin! 

Korean Meats 

Can you even say you’ve traveled to Korea if you haven’t experienced Korean meats? If you’re traveling to South Korea, never leave the country without trying Korean meats, especially the KBBQ places and Korea’s version of steak called Hanwoo (A breed of small cattle native to Korea). This beef is so tender, it melts into your mouth. If you’re on a budget, you can try their famous grilled pork belly instead more known as samgyupsal. In the popular districts of Korea, you will see a few samgyupsal places you can try. 

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How is it different from the normal barbecue and steak places in other countries? Well, Korean meats are often partnered with their famous side dishes like kimchi, lettuce, and Korean sauces. 


Korean snacks offer a wide range of flavors, from sweet to savory to spicy. They also have a wide array of flavors even for almonds, seaweed, pretzel sticks, and alike. There may be weird combinations on some of their snacks, but once you taste it, surely you will not go home without it. 

Aside from their popular snacks such as Honey butter chips and almonds, Choco-pies, Peperos, and more, we suggest you also try their traditional snacks that are also readily available in convenience stores, small marts, and traditional markets.


How can we forget noodles? The country where Samyang (Spicy Buldak) originated? If you’re a fan of spicy and savory noodles, South Korea has a great selection for you. 

If you want spicy, try ramyeon, jjamppong, or even the instant buldak noodles in Korean convenience stores and start doing a mukbang. If you’re not into the spicy ones, there is the Jjajangmyeon which is a Korean-Chinese fusion. There’s also the noodle dish kalguksu (Korean knife-cut noodle soup) which was featured on Netflix’s show Street Food: Asia. You can also eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant specializing in kalguksu in Myeongdong. 

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Another must-try is the famous North Korean noodle dish in South Korea! It is called Pyongyang cold noodles (naengmyeon). Unlike the usually hot and spicy Korean-style noodles, naengmyeon is a cold noodle dish that is made with buckwheat and other ingredients.

Street Food

You can never go wrong with Korean street foods. From tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), fish cakes, kimbap, Korean corn dogs, and more. You can easily access all of these and more in Myeongdong but beware that it’s pricier here because it’s a tourist area.

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We suggest you try these street foods in less touristy places like Dongdaemun, Hongdae, and the like. If you have more time to spare, it’s best to try these Korean street foods in traditional markets like Gwangjang. They are way cheaper and tastier. 


Lastly, you have to try Korean drinks. Just like their snacks, Koreans have a wide array of drinks. From their alcohols, coffee, juice, and even milk, they have tons of different flavors and most of them are good. These are all accessible in Korean convenience stores as well. 

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We also recommend you guys try the Makgeolli (Korean rice wine). There are various flavors but you should try the trending makgeolli with real honeycombs. You can find them in Hongdae, Garosugil, and more. 

While you’re still planning or dreaming of that future South Korea food trip, why not experience Korea and its unique and delicious treats right at your doorstep? 

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