KoreaCrate partners with KPop Covers Portugal for “KCAP 2024”

At KoreaCrate, our deep enthusiasm for Korean culture drives us to share it globally. We meticulously curate snack boxes featuring an array of authentic Korean snacks, candies, and goodies, as well as K-pop, K-drama, and K-beauty merchandise. Our monthly subscription box offers a culinary journey to Korea, introducing new and exciting flavors.

As the foremost provider of authentic Korean snacks from South Korea, KoreaCrate proudly sponsors the upcoming KCAP 2024, the premier awards ceremony organized by KPop Cover Portugal. This significant event recognizes and honors the best K-Pop cover performances in Portugal, showcasing the exceptional skills and creativity of Portuguese cover artists. In March 2024, KoreaCrate will collaborate with KCAP 2024, sharing the same passion for Korean culture and K-pop music.

There's no doubt that anyone who likes K-pop music should attend the KCAP awards event in Portugal. The finest cover artists in the nation play live for the audience, fostering an environment that honors their achievements and raises awareness of their passion.

KPop Cover Award Portugal (KCAP) had their first awarding in 2018 in Lisbon with 30 groups and solo performances showcasing the spirit of K-pop. Since then, KCAP has been held every year. For KCAP 2023, the event tickets were sold out weeks even before the event took place. The event was held for two days, one was broadcasted through YouTube while the other was similar to the yearly event where it was attended by Portugal's K-Pop coverist community and other K-pop fans.

The winners of the KCAP awards are chosen through a rigorous selection process. Throughout the year, five videos are nominated for each of the various categories. An impartial jury carefully reviews these nominations and selects one winner for each category. To be eligible for nomination and consideration for the gala, participants must adhere to a set of criteria and requirements.

To accommodate the growing audience, the seventh edition of KCAP awards will be held in Porto, Portugal, in 2024. This year's event will be held at the Auditório Francisco de Assis, a stunning venue that reflects the award’s theme of "Metamorphosis", which celebrates the evolution of different generations of K-pop.

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WHAT: KPop Cover Award Portugal (KCAP) 2024

WHEN: March 2, 2024

WHERE: Auditório Francisco de Assis, Porto, Portugal

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