Korea Crate To Attend Art Party at San Diego Museum of Art: An Explosion of Korean Art, Food and Activities

Published October 19, 2023
A taste of Korea.

Credit: @baumancommercial

On 26 October 2023, The San Diego Museum of Art will host the Art Party, a dynamic new event featuring interactive Korean activities, art, performances, food, beverages, and other enchantments. The evening art exhibition, themed “Korea in Color: A Legacy of Auspicious Images,” is sponsored by various industry-leading Korean providers. 

Korea Crate, the leading snack box subscription provider of authentic Korean snacks from Korea, is delighted to be an event sponsor at this highly-anticipated celebration of Korea.

Credit: @baumancommercial

Credit: @baumancommercial

Longing to experience the beauty and richness of Korean culture? Art Party at the San Diego Museum of Art is the place to be. This event promises an intersection of culinary experiences, art, enchantments, and interactive installations, not forgetting the curated assortment of authentic Korean snacks provided by Korea Crate.

Credit: @baumancommercial 

“Art Party celebrates color and the legacy of symbolic imagery in Korean painting, setting the tone for a vibrant evening. Come dressed to impress in your most colorful attire. You won’t want to miss this multi-sensory evening at the museum,” reads the event description.

Credit: @baumancommercial

Korea Crate is renowned for its carefully curated Korean snack box subscription, designed to give people a taste of Korean snacking. The subscription boxes feature authentic Korean snacks and candies from Seoul, K-pop, K-drama, and K-beauty goodies. Korea Crate promises subscribers a monthly surprise of 17 to 20 of the most sought-after Korean snacks and goodie bonuses, transporting them to Korea through exciting flavors. More than just delivering unique, premium snacks, Korea Crate strives to bring its subscribers unique and unforgettable experiences in each box.

Korea Crate is proud to be part of the spectacular Art Party, which they have dubbed a feast for the senses. From the art in dialogue exhibition to the especially delectable mystery snack selections by Korea Crate and other signature Korean experiences, attendees will be treated to an authentic sampling of Korea in color.

Credit: @baumancommercial 

Visit the event page to get tickets for the fast-approaching Art Party and explore the variety of packages available.

Don’t forget to explore the finest Korean snack collection from Korea Crate.

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