Kim Go Eun to reunite with Jeon Do Yeon after 9 years through the K-drama “The Price of Confession”

Kim Go Eun and Jeon Do Yeon will reportedly work together for the upcoming series “The Price of Confession.” 

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Various media outlets shared that Kim Go Eun has been offered to join the cast of “The Price of Confession.” 

Kim Go Eun’s side then responded to the reports. BH Entertainment remarked, “Kim Go Eun received the proposal to star in ‘The Price of Confession’ and she is positively reviewing it.” 

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“The Price of Confession” will be directed by Lee Jung Hyo, the same director who helmed the hit Korean series “Doona!,” “Crash Landing On You,” and “Life on Mars.” 

The upcoming series will showcase the story of two women who will get involved in a murder case. 

If both Kim Go Eun and Jeon Do Yeon decide to star in the K-drama, it will be their reunion project after nine years. The two first worked together in the 2015 film “Memories of the Sword” with Lee Byung Hun. Many are already looking forward to the upcoming K-drama “The Price of Confession” for its reported star-studded cast. 

Before Kim Go Eun and Jeon Do Yeon entered the picture, top actresses Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee were supposed to lead “The Price of Confession.” After discussion, the two decided to not continue starring in the upcoming K-drama. It was then offered to Jeon Do Yeon. 

Meanwhile last week, actress Kim Ji Won also received the offer to star alongside Jeon Do Yeon. Her agency first responded that she is positively considering the series. Today, media outlets reported that Kim Ji Won eventually decided to not appear in the drama. 

Aside from “The Price of Confession,” Kim Go Eun will be more active this year. She will lead the upcoming film “Exhuma.” She will also star in the upcoming K-drama “Eun Jung and Sang Yeon” and will reunite with “Yumi’s Cell” co-star Park Ji Hyun.

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