Kim Dahyun is the first TWICE member to challenge on acting

TWICE’s Dahyun is confirmed to take on her first-ever acting project. 

Media outlets reported that TWICE member Dahyun will be joining the cast of the upcoming independent movie titled “Sprint.” 

© JYP Entertainment

TWICE’s agency JYP Entertainment confirmed the circulating reports and revealed, “Dahyun is confirmed to be part of the cast of the independent film. She is currently in the preparation stages for the upcoming filming.”

With this, it was officially confirmed that Dahyun is the first TWICE member to take the challenge of acting. The members have been doing group and solo activities lately but this is the first time that they a member will go in the direction of the film industry. TWICE is known for participating in music, variety shows, fashion shows, endorsements, and more. 

© JYP Entertainment

The upcoming independent film “Sprint” will depict the stories of people who continuously reach for their impossible dreams despite challenges. 

The movie will be directed by Lee Seung Hoon who also helmed the dramas “Best Chicken” and “Vampire Detective.”

Aside from Dahyun, actor Ha Seok Jin is also starring in the upcoming film. Dahyun’s character in the movie is undisclosed. While Ha Seok Jin will portray the role of Kang Goo Young. He is known for breaking Korea’s track record. After 10 years of his heyday, he no longer enjoys running. He even regrets his decision to take on this path. Ha Seok Jin’s character will be based on the real-life athlete Kim Kuk Young.

Meanwhile, there were reports that actor Lee Shin Young will work alongside Dahyun and Ha Seok Jin in the film. Just like Ha Seok Jin, Lee Shin Young will reportedly portray the role of an athlete. 

Lee Shin Young got the offer to play the character named Seung Yeol. He is currently a sprinter but in the past, he dreamt of becoming a soccer player. 

“Sprint” is set to begin its filming this month.

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