K-pop idols that are considered “nepo” babies

In the glamorous world of entertainment, there's a thing called nepotism, where famous families help their relatives one way or another become stars. This happens a lot in the entertainment world, where people quickly become famous because of their famous family members.

This also happens in K-pop. Some of these stars have family members who are already famous or already in the industry and they are usually labeled as "nepo babies."

These K-pop stars learn a lot from their experienced family members, which helps them become good at what they do. Having famous family members can make it easier for them to become famous too. Sometimes, people notice them before they officially start their music careers because of their family connections.

But becoming a big star isn't just about having famous relatives. These K-pop stars must be amazing at what they do and make people love their music and performances. It's their talent and passion that makes them special, not just their family connections.

Although some of these K-pop idols had some help, what makes them shine is how much they love what they do and how good they are at it. 

Here are some of the K-pop idols that are considered nepo babies:

Girls Generation’s Sunny

© SM Entertainment

Sunny is the niece of SM Entertainment’s founder, Lee Soo Man. 

T-ara's Boram

© MBK Entertainment

Boram is the daughter of singer-actor Jeon Young Rok and actress Lee Mi Young.

STAYC’s Sieun

© Highup Entertainment

Sieun is the daughter of the famous 80s singer Park Nam Jung. 

aespa’s Giselle

© SM Entertainment

According to reports, Giselle’s aunt is the alleged girlfriend of SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo Man.


© Source Music

Chaewon is the daughter of musical actress Lee Ran Hee. 

RIIZE’s Anton

© SM Entertainment

Anton is the son of famous singer and producer Yoon Sang and actress Shim Hyejin.

Kiss of Life’s Belle

© S2 Entertainment

Belle is the daughter of the famous 90s singer and composer Shim Shin.

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