Jung So Min and Jung Hae In are the next pair to lead a new romance K-drama!

Jung So Min and Jung Hae In are both confirmed to lead the upcoming K-drama “Mom’s Friend’s Son.” 

Jung Hae In first confirmed his casting last month while Jung So Min officially accepted the offer this January. 

“Mom’s Friend’s Son” will be helmed by the same makers of the hit K-drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha,” director Yoo Je Won and screenwriter Shin Ha Eun. 

The romantic comedy series will tell the story of a woman who wants to reset her difficult life and her mom’s friend’s son who is part of her dark history. 

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Jung Hae In will give life to the role of Choi Seung Hyo. He is one of the most famous and bankable architects in the  Korean architecture world. Aside from his great skills, he is known for his good looks and great personality.

Jung So Min on the other hand will portray the role of Bae Seok Ryu, the woman who wants to have a restart in life. She is a project manager of a major global company and is the perfect example of a child that their parents are proud of. One day, she suddenly breaks down from everything. 

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With her confirmation to the K-drama, Jung So Min shared her thoughts. The actress stated, “I am honored to be part of an upcoming project that is close to my heart and I can feel its warmth. I am more excited because I’ve been a fan of the writer’s past projects. As this will be my second project with the director whom I trust, I will do my best to greet everyone with a good performance.”

This K-drama will be the first time that Jung Hae In will lead a romantic comedy genre. While this will be the comeback of Jung So Min to rom-com K-dramas after three years. 

“Mom’s Friend’s Son” will be released through tvN within the year. 

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