Joo Ji Hoon returns to the romantic comedy genre after the 2006 K-drama “Princess Hours”

Joo Ji Hoon will be meeting fans in a different genre this time!

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For a long time, Joo Ji Hoon has starred in various K-dramas and films with thriller, mystery, law, fantasy, and other genres. This year, there’s a huge possibility that Joo Ji Hoon will return to his roots, which is the romantic comedy genre. 

According to industry insiders, Joo Ji Hoon will be the main lead of the upcoming romantic comedy K-drama “Love on a Single Log Bridge.” 

Joo Ji Hoon’s agency H& Entertainment gave their statement regarding the reports. The agency shared, “‘Love on a Single Log Bridge’ was offered to Joo Ji Hoon and he is still reviewing it. Nothing has been confirmed yet.” 

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If Joo Ji Hoon decides to accept the offer, this will be his return to romantic comedy after 18 years. He last appeared in a rom-com series back in 2006 through the K-drama “Princess Hours.” This was also his debut work. 

“Love on a Single Log Bridge” will be about two people who were once passionately in love in their school days but had to let go of their relationship because of their families. 15 years later, through a twist of fate, they meet again. 

The upcoming rom-com K-drama will be the next K-drama of director Park Joon Hwa who is known for the rom-com K-dramas “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” and “Because This Is My First Life.” Meanwhile, the script will be penned by “Love in the Moonlight” writer Im Ye Jin. 

Joo Ji Hoon was offered to portray the character named Seok Ji Won. He is the executive director of Seokdong Construction. Seok Ji Won fell in love with his classmate Yoon Ji Won in his school days. Because of a misunderstanding, the two broke up. After 15 years, the two were reunited after Seok Ji Won was assigned to be the chairman of Dokmok High School.

Which actress should work with Joo Ji Hoon in the upcoming K-drama “Love on a Single Log Bridge”?

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