Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do will be the next K-drama couple from SBS!

After Jo Jung Suk and Lee Moo Saeng, Jeon Mi Do will possibly be paired next with actor Ji Sung. 

Industry insiders reported on September 12 that Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do will join hands in starring in a new crime thriller K-drama called “Connection.” 

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Both the agencies of the actors gave their statements regarding the casting reports. Ji Sung’s agency Surpass Entertainment shared, “Ji Sung received the casting offer for the upcoming series ‘Connection.’ We are reviewing the proposal. 

Jeon Mi Do’s side also gave their statement. According to BISTUS Entertainment, “We are still in the reviewing process. Nothing has been decided yet.”

If Ji Sung officially joins “Connection,” this will be his return to SBS after four years. He last starred in the K-drama “Doctor John” that aired in 2019. He also won his latest daesang (grand prize award) in SBS for his 2017 K-drama “Innocent Defendant.”

© BISTUS Entertainment

Meanwhile, if Jeon Mi Do decides to be part of the K-drama “Connection,” this will be her official main lead debut on a major broadcasting channel. Jeon Mi Do has only appeared on cable channels like tvN and JTBC since its debut. 

Jeon Mi Do first got her leading role in the hit 2020 K-drama “Hospital Playlist.” Since then, she rose to fame and received various offers from TV, films, and more.

The upcoming K-drama “Connection” will revolve around a distorted friendship and the five billion won money from insurance from a dead friend from high school. 

It will be the next joint work of “Diary of Prosecutor” director Lee Tae Gon and writer Lee Hyun. 

According to reports, “Connection” will air in the first half of next year. 

Do you think Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do will have good chemistry in the upcoming K-drama “Connection”?

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