Jeon So Min follows Lee Kwang Soo’s footsteps and departs on "Running Man"

Jeon So Min is stepping down from the SBS variety program “Running Man.” 

© SBS - Running Man

After Lee Kwang Soo’s departure in 2021, Jeon So Min will be the next member to leave the long-running SBS variety program “Running Man.”

On October 23, Jeon So Min’s agency King Kong by Starship announced that the actress was leaving the variety program. 

Here’s their official statement: 

Hello. This is King Kong by Starship.

Actress Jeon So Min has decided to leave SBS's “Running Man” and her final recording will be on October 30, Monday. 

Jeon So Min thoroughly discussed the decision with “Running Man” members, the production team, and her agency, and in conclusion, the actress will be leaving the program to take some time and recharge so that she can show a better side of herself in her future activities including her acting. 

We would like to convey our sincere gratitude to all the viewers who supported and ran together with Jeon So Min every weekend for the past six years since April 2017 through the program “Running Man.” We ask for your warm affection and support for Jeon So Min in the future too. 

Thank you.

© King Kong by Starship

Jeon So Min was added to “Running Man” in 2017 as a regular member alongside comedian Yang Se Chan. The actress easily blended in with the original members and was praised for her natural variety skills. 

While being a regular member of “Running Man,” Jeon So Min also juggled her acting activities. She became part of the K-dramas “Cross,” “Top Star Yoo Baek,” “Show Window: The Queen's House,” “Cleaning Up,” and more. 

For this year, Jeon So Min did not star in her own K-drama. She only made a special appearance in the series “Delivery Man” led by Yoon Chan Young and Girls Day’s Bang Min Ah. 

Thank you for the six happy years with Running Man, Jeon So Min. We’ll be cheering you on your future endeavors!

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