HyunA reunites with Dawn and signs with the same agency

For the third time, HyunA and Dawn will be under one agency. 

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Media outlet OSEN shared an exclusive report on November 6 that HyunA is now under AT AREA, the same agency as her ex-boyfriend, Dawn. 

After the reports circulated, the hip-hop label founded by the producing duo GroovyRoom AT AREA shared their official statement. 

The agency announced that HyunA recently signed an exclusive contract with AT AREA. 

They also reiterated that they signed a contract with HyunA for her skills and her whole being as an artist and not because of her past with Dawn who got to be part of the agency first. They also revealed that HyunA’s relationship with Dawn was not considered a factor at all. 

HyunA parted ways with P Nation in August 2022. After a year, she has finally found a new home. Meanwhile, Dawn who also parted ways with P Nation in August 2022 signed an exclusive contract with AT AREA in January of this year. Dawn has already released new music through the new agency and HyunA gave her support to it. 

The ex-couple have been in the same agency for a long time. The two met through their agency Cube Entertainment and they also left the agency together. In 2019, they signed together through PSY’s agency P Nation. Their contracts expired in August and they also revealed their breakup in November 2022. 

This year, although HyunA and Dawn are no longer a couple, the two are reunited and signed under one agency once again. 

With the confirmation of HyunA being part of AT AREA, the top singer released her digital single titled “Attitude.” She also released the performance video of her new song. 


You can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcsOdk2GjGU

Congratulations on finding a new home, HyunA!

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