How to experience pink autumn in Korea?

Spring is not the only season you can encounter pink heaven in Korea. When it’s finally autumn season, Korea is not only covered in yellow and orange but there are also pink photo spots all over Korea. 

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In South Korea, the landscape changes into a stunning tapestry of colors when fall arrives. Among the many natural treasures that beautify this season, Pink Muhly Grass stands out for its mesmerizing beauty.

Pink muhly grass came from the southeastern United States but has found a second home in South Korea. From late September to the end of October, different fields in South Korea transform into vibrant shades of pink that many locals and tourists enjoy as photo spots.  

If you want to experience the unique pink autumn, make sure to pick Korea as your next travel destination. 

There are a lot of spots in Korea to experience the Pink muhly grass, here are some of the famous locations you can check out: 


-Olympic Park

-Haneul Park 




-Sky Garden


-Hurree Natural Park

-Herb Dongsan Garden 

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Aside from the autumn spots, you can also experience the season through different things when in Korea. For autumn, most restaurants and brands create season-themed merchandise, food, snacks, and the like. Most of these are only limited to the season and you can no longer buy them after the season ends. There are also various foods that are usually eaten when the autumn season comes. 

Some of them are bungeo-ppang (carp bread), goguma (sweet potato), hotteok (pancake filled with sugar), walnut tea, grapefruit tea, chestnuts, and more. There are also snacks with autumn-themed that are easily accessible in various convenience stores. You can also experience these snacks right at your doorstep through our subscription box. Click here for more information.  

Make sure to add the pink muhly to your autumn must-see list. It will be a different experience and will surely fill your camera roll with stunning pink photos. You will also experience the romance of Korean autumn.

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