Here are the most streamed K-Pop songs on Spotify this year

Spotify has just revealed its highly anticipated year-end Wrapped report for the current year! 

The music streaming giant shares the rankings for the most streamed K-Pop songs in 2023 in this latest release. 

Get ready to discover the hottest K-pop tracks that dominated the ears of Spotify users this year!

Here are the top 10 most streamed K-Pop songs on Spotify:

1)BTS’s Jungkook – “Seven” (featuring Latto)

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BTS member Jungkook released his solo debut track “Seven” back in July. Since its release, the song has been topping music charts in Korea and through other global platforms. The song is one of the most successful solo releases from the BTS members. 

Aside from “Seven” being the top K-pop song for this year, this track is also the fourth most-streamed song on Spotify across all genres in 2023.

2) FIFTY FIFTY – “Cupid” (Twin version)

Rookie K-pop group FIFTY FIFTY made it big because of their track “Cupid.” The song was released back in February. The song became viral on the social media platform TikTok and everyone loved it and sang and danced to it. The song is not only famous to K-Pop fans but also to regular users of TikTok. 

3) BTS’s Jimin – “Like Crazy”

Another BTS member took the top spot and it’s none other than Jimin. Jimin released his song “Like Crazy” back in March and it is the title track of his solo debut album Face. 

4) NewJeans – “OMG”

Early this year, NewJeans released their first single album with “OMG.” Just like their past releases, the song easily topped the charts. Even though the song was released early in 2023, it still became the fourth most-streamed K-Pop song on Spotify this year. This just means that “OMG” was streamed all year round by Spotify users. 

5) NewJeans – “Ditto”

NewJeans’ song “Ditto” was released in December 2022 and it was still loved in 2023 all year round. “Ditto” was part of the album “OMG” and it was the pre-release track. 

6) NewJeans – “Super Shy”

Another NewJeans song that was well-loved this year is “Super Shy.” “Super Shy” was released on July 2023 and was included in the second EP of NewJeans titled Get Up.


Can you believe that a 2021 song is still one of the most-streamed K-Pop songs on Spotify this year? It’s none other than Lisa’s solo track “Money.” The song was released in November 2021 and after two years, Spotify users still can’t let go of Lisa’s song “Money.” 


Another BLACKPINK member on the list is Jisoo. Her solo debut track “Flower” took the eighth spot as the most-streamed K-Pop song on Spotify for 2023. “Flower” was released in March 2023. 

9) BLACKPINK – “Shut Down”

Of course, the list will not be complete without a group song from BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK’s 2022 song “Shut Down” also received a lot of streams this year. “Shut Down” was released back in September 2022. 

10) NewJeans – “Hype Boy”

Last but definitely not the least is another gem from NewJeans. Their song “Hype Boy” was released in July 2022 and still took the tenth spot on Spotify’s most-streamed K-Pop song for the year. 

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Did your favorite song get included in the list?

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