Girls Generation’s Lim Yoona remains an SM Entertainment artist for 17 years

Girls Generation member Lim Yoona will continue to be part of the SM Entertainment family!

Just this week, SM Entertainment announced that Lim Yoona will still continue her career with the agency. 

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SM Entertainment shared, “SM Entertainment and Lim Yoona will continue the partnership that has been ongoing for 17 years. The Girls Generation member renewed the contract with us. We decided to continue our partnership based on our deep trust in Lim Yoona who has consistently remained at the top ever since her debut and has been receiving a lot of support. We will continue to give Lim Yoona the support she needs as she actively participates in different activities as an artist with a global influence. We ask for your continued love and support for Lim Yoona.”

Lim Yoona started her career through SM Entertainment. She made her debut as an actress and as a member of Girls Generation in 2007. Aside from being a member of the nation’s girl group, Lim Yoona has proven to be a versatile actress as she also excelled in acting, hosting, variety shows, effective endorsers, and more. 

© SM Entertainment

In 2023, Lim Yoona has been busy with various activities. She starred in the hit romantic comedy K-drama “King The Land” with 2 PM’s Lee Junho. She also released her digital single “Knock.” She continued to be the ambassador of different local and global brands. Before the year ended, she also continued the tradition and hosted the  2023 MBC Music Festival which she has been doing for several years now. 

Lim Yoona is expected to return and lead a new film. She will be starring in the upcoming movie “​​2 O’Clock Date” with Ahn Bo Hyun, Sung Dong Il, Joo Hyun Young, and Go Geon Han. She will also meet fans through her fan meeting “Yoonite.”

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