Get Your Hands on BTS 10th Anniversary Stamps - Available from June 1st, 2023!


Guess what, ARMY?

We've got some exciting news to share! In honor of BTS's incredible 10-year journey, a special set of commemorative stamps will be hitting the shelves soon. Can you believe it?

The Ministry of Science and ICT's Postal Service Headquarters couldn't contain their enthusiasm as they spilled the beans. These stamps, capturing the essence of BTS's remarkable decade in the spotlight, will be up for grabs next month, starting on the 13th. It's the perfect way to celebrate the boys' 10th debut anniversary and reminisce about the good old days when they first stole our hearts with their debut album in 2013.

Hold onto your hearts, because the stamp set is a real gem. It features not just one, not two, but ten different designs! Imagine the thrill of collecting these artistic mementos that represent the different chapters of BTS's incredible journey. And get this, there will be a whopping 1.5 million copies available for all you avid collectors out there.


But wait, there's more! Brace yourselves for an extra dose of awesomeness. A limited edition commemorative packet will also be up for grabs, packed with not just stamps, but also adorable portraits of our favorite boys. Can you even handle that level of cuteness? It's like a dream come true!

Oh, and here's the cherry on top. Our beloved international fans, we've got you covered too! An exclusive online pre-sale service will kick off on June 1st, 2023. No need to worry about complicated registration processes. All you have to do is show your love and support through SNS authentication, and those beautiful stamps will be yours to cherish.



The head honcho at the Postal Service Headquarters couldn't contain their excitement either. They're over the moon to collaborate with BTS, a global force that has taken K-pop to dizzying heights. These stamps are a heartfelt tribute to BTS's monumental 10th debut anniversary, a celebration of their incredible music, and a testament to their unwavering dedication.

So, mark your calendars, spread the word, and get ready to snag these epic commemorative stamps. It's not just a piece of paper—it's a piece of BTS history, a tangible symbol of the love, admiration, and unwavering support we have for these extraordinary artists. Let's make our voices heard and show the world the impact BTS has made on music and our hearts!


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