Exploring the beauty of Hongdae, a youthful neighborhood in Seoul

Thinking about exploring Hongdae? Well, buckle up because it's a rollercoaster of fun and excitement! With street performances, trendy cafes, and buzzing nightlife, Hongdae is a one-stop-shop for a good time. We've got your back with awesome ideas for what to do in Hongdae, so you can make the most of your visit!

A foodie’s paradise

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If you're a foodie who enjoys trying out popular and trendy restaurants, Hongdae has plenty of options for you. Additionally, we suggest trying Korean street food in Hongdae rather than in Myeongdong, as it tends to be less crowded, and the prices are a bit more budget-friendly.

For those who love the classic combination of chicken and beer, known as Chi-Maek (치맥), Hongdae features a dedicated area with a variety of chicken eateries all in one lane. You have the freedom to choose which brand you'd like to give a try. Notably, the famous "BBQ Chicken," often seen in dramas, can also be found in this lane.

You can check out this Instagram to learn about the latest trendy restaurants in Hongdae. 

Be entertained for free

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What's one of the best things to do when traveling? It's enjoying free experiences! Every night in Hongdae, you'll find numerous people engaged in busking. Some are young aspiring dancers performing in groups, while others are elderly gentlemen singing solos, and more. If you're fortunate, you might even spot Korean celebrities in the area or catch a free event.

Many of the buskers showcase the latest K-pop hits. Surprisingly, even the older performers groove to these contemporary K-Pop tunes, but they often add their unique twist, making the performances even more entertaining to watch.


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Hongdae, known for its youthful vibe, boasts an abundance of cafes. You'll find a wide array of themed cafes, catering to various interests such as animals, flowers, characters, aesthetics, and more. Hongdae is your go-to place for these unique cafe experiences. Moreover, many cafes in Hongdae have also served as filming locations for popular K-dramas, adding an extra layer of charm to this lively neighborhood.

Shop till you drop

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In Hongdae, you'll discover a wide variety of distinctive boutiques, independent fashion shops, and cool streetwear stores where you can find fashionable, sometimes one-of-a-kind clothes and accessories. If you're into Korean beauty products, you'll have plenty of K-beauty shops to check out. Additionally, Hongdae is home to stores selling vinyl records, vintage finds, and unique, creatively designed items.

Fun activities according to your taste

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If you enjoy having fun and making memories, Hongdae offers a wide range of enjoyable activities. Photography enthusiasts will find numerous selfie photo booths throughout the area. For a unique photo-taking experience, you can visit the Trick Eye Museum. If you're a fan of arcades, there are buildings in Hongdae filled with various games to enjoy. Additionally, music lovers can sing their hearts out at the renowned Su Noraebang in Hongdae. This spot holds significance for K-Pop and K-drama fans as it has been featured in popular dramas like "Hospital Playlist" and "True Beauty." It's also where the K-pop group Momoland performed their hit song "Bboom Bboom."


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In the evening, Hongdae transforms into a vibrant nightlife hub. Whether you groove to hip-hop, sway to EDM or vibe with K-pop, you'll discover the perfect place to enjoy your favorite beats. The nightlife scene here is electrifying, and it's a must-try experience for night owls who want to dance and party until the wee hours of the morning.

Hongdae is packed with exciting options for everyone, whether you're into street performances, cozy cafes, lively bars, or various fun activities. No matter your age or preferences, there's something special waiting for you. It's an adventure you won't forget! So, prepare for an amazing time in this thrilling corner of Seoul. Get ready to have a fantastic experience in Hongdae!

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